NIRSA Promising Practices are an outcome of NIRSA’s Health & Wellbeing Task Force

Rowan University Promising Practices


Oakland University Promising Practices

  • This publication highlights Oakland University’s Healthiest Campus for Michigan Initiative. Several years ago, Oakland University (OU) began its journey towards integrating wellbeing into the fabric of campus. This publication describes their unique approach to this work. 

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    A Promising Practice is:

    • Collaborative and integrated approach towards holistic wellbeing.
    • An initiative that is fairly new, but has been years in the making.
    • Great example of how to build a framework.
    • Utilization of data to drive decisions.

We are able to offer this publication free to Institutional Members because of the generous support of our sponsor. Thank you!

Promising Practices are collaborative or integrated wellbeing initiatives and campus-wide efforts that support the campus community. These initiatives are driven and realized by the efforts of campus recreation staff and leaders.