Greatness is in the Details: Technical Tips that Drive Successful Recreation Facilities

Greatness is in the Details: Technical Tips that Drive Successful Recreation Facilities

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While collegiate recreation projects are major undertakings, their success often traces back to subtle details or nuanced decisions that end up defining a project. It’s important for recreation and university leadership to understand these details, so they don’t regret them years down the line. Nobody wants to overlook a detail and be left thinking, “I wish we’d known that then.”  

This webinar will give recreation leaders the information they need to make the most of the details, to seize key decisions large and small, and create longstanding successful projects on their campus. For new build and renovation projects alike, details make the difference, and this session will empower attendees to better conquer them moving forward. This webinar will speak to recreation professionals at every level.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand how dimensional requirements for programmatic elements serve as the building blocks for recreation centers and can define physical space needs 

2. Discover the importance of good building details and how they lead to successful new build and renovation recreation projects  

3. Learn how to leverage sustainable design strategies into facilities to support financial and operational goals in the short- and long-term 

Colleen McKenna

AIA, LEED AP, CannonDesign Sports, Recreation and Wellness Director

Jim Gabel

AIA, LEED AP, CannonDesign Vice President, Sports, Recreation and Wellness

Jenny Delgado

AIA, LEED AP, CannonDesign Principal, Sports, Recreation and Wellness


Greatness is in the Details Webinar Recording
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