Beyond the Paycheck: Competencies Gained Through the Student Employment Experience

Beyond the Paycheck: Competencies Gained Through the Student Employment Experience

Recorded On: 02/14/2022

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This video features NIRSA’s Student Development Task Force introducing NIRSA's new Student Competency Guide. The task force created seven competencies that all student employees within a campus recreation department should focus on developing. Viewers can expect to learn about the strategy and thought that went into developing the competencies, learn about tweaking the competencies to match your department's focus and hear examples on how to use competencies in practice with your students.

presented by NIRSA's Student Development Task Force

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of attending this session, learners will be able to: 

1.  Identify student employee competencies. 

2. Adapt the competencies tool for your own student positions.

3. Recognize the progression of the development of skills, abilities and behaviors for each of the identified competencies.

Competency Domain(s):

Human Resources Management

Continuing Education:


Attendees registered for the live event will have access to session recording for 60 days. 

Matthew Altendorf

Coordinator for Student Staff Training & Development

The Ohio State University

Higher education professional with experience and interest in creating a challenging, inclusive, and developmental environment through my work in facility operations, student supervision, event planning, organization advising, and leadership development. I currently serve as the Coordinator of Student Staff Training & Development with Ohio State Rec Sports. I am also pursuing my Ed.D. in Higher Education.

When I’m not working to create the extraordinary student experience, I'm running, reading large nerdy books, enjoying the outdoors, finding new board game obsessions, and avidly supporting my favorite soccer and football teams. I one day aspire to have my office look like NPR's Tiny Desk. 

Jeff Heiser

Associate Director

University of California-Davis

Elizabeth Feldman

Eric Maki

Director, Campus Recreation

Texas Tech University


Recording--Beyond the Paycheck: Competencies Gained Through the Student Employment Experience
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