Activating Space, Automating Process: Unlocking the Campus Recreation Center’s Potential

Activating Space, Automating Process: Unlocking the Campus Recreation Center’s Potential

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Reimagine your recreation spaces.

This webinar dives into the trends and challenges of managing recreational spaces, showcasing how RecRe's technology optimizes utilization and engagement across different recreation settings. Explore streamlined inventory management for traditional gyms, dedicated esports arenas, and even remote outpost sporting fields. Learn how RecRe tackles real-world issues like equipment loss and student accountability, boosting efficiency and user satisfaction in both established and emerging recreational domains. 

Get ready for an interactive session packed with expert insights and practical tips to transform your own space into a dynamic recreation hub.

Learning Objectives


1. The Impact of Accessible Inventory on Space Utilization

  • Exploring how efficient inventory access transforms recreational space usage.
  • Case studies demonstrating increased utilization and engagement through streamlined inventory management.

2. RecRe’s Role in Diverse Recreational Settings

  • Introducing RecRe’s versatility in managing various recreational environments, from traditional gym spaces to specialized areas like esports arenas.
  • Emphasizing the adaptability of RecRe solutions across different recreational needs.

3. Addressing Common Challenges in Recreational Management

  • Discussing issues such as inventory loss, equipment maintenance, and student  accessibility, lack of labor support in outpost spaces
  • Presenting how RecRe’s system offers effective solutions to these challenges.

4. Enhancing Accountability and Efficiency in Recreational Spaces

  • Strategies for improving operational efficiency and student accountability.
  • The significance of real-time inventory tracking and management in fostering responsible usage.
  • Data. Data. Data. 

5. Esports as a Case Study: Application of RecRe in a Specialized Domain

  • A focused segment on esports: showcasing how RecRe aids in managing unique esports equipment and space requirements.
  • Discussing the specific benefits of automated management in an esports setting, while underscoring its part of a broader application range.

6. Activating Remote Recreation & Green Spaces

  • Strategies for extending recreational activities to decentralized locations, including green spaces.
  • How accessible inventory management can revitalize underused areas.

7. Real-World Success Stories in Recreational Management

  • Sharing success stories from various institutions, demonstrating improved efficiency and user satisfaction in both traditional and specialized recreational settings.
  • Showcase Boise University, Rutgers University, Texas A&M, and Auburn University.

8. Interactive Q&A Session

  • An opportunity for attendees to engage, share insights, and discuss practical applications of RecRe in their unique environments.

9. Conclusion and Forward-Looking Strategies

  • Summarizing key strategies for leveraging technology in recreational management.
  • Guiding attendees on the next steps for implementing these solutions, with an emphasis on versatility and adaptability.

Griffin Harrington

CEO & Co-Founder


Griffin Harrington is the co-founder and CEO of RecRe. RecRe started as a simple idea that Griffin had to make recreational items like basketballs and tennis rackets available in public parks, just like bikes and scooter sharing programs. That original idea has evolved into an automated rental solution that’s expanding access to equipment and fitness gear in recreational spaces across the country.

Max Cannon

Account Manager


Max is an Account Manager with RecRe. He has a strong focus on understanding all higher education departments in order to provide quality services to RecRe’s campus partners. Max currently works with partners nationwide to provide improved access to students while maintaining a focus on operational efficiency.

Eden Huerta

Coordinator, Member Services

Boise State University Campus Recreation

Eden has been the Member Services Coordinator at Boise State University Campus Recreation for two years and previously worked in Southern California in campus recreation facility operations. 


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